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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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island exit. yes, that's sand and it was strewn all over at least three lanes. it's taken much of the last 2.5 hours to clear it off. traffic is tied up all over the downtown area here in san francisco. the financial district, south of market. they said they were going to have traffic cleared by the evening commute. we have just learned within the last 10 minutes they have cleared all the sand. you're looking live again in that spot where all that sand was spilled. traffic is moving again. but that doesn't mean this commute is going to get any nicer anytime soon as we are still watching a parking lot here on harrison street and all entrances to the bay bridge in downtown san francisco. we just saw one of these cars a baby was crying, a woman had to get out and pat her baby to comfort her. some of these people are telling me they had to go to the bathroom. at some point the bridge will re-open for traffic. the lanes are cleared so we are just waiting for that to trickle down here to the streets. >> okay, joe, so you said
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you're at harrison street the on-ramp trying to get onto the bay bridge. so really if these people are stuck there, they're kind of sunk because there is real nowhere to go. they can't turn around and go somewhere else. >> reporter: yeah. if you have committed, you're stuck here. people are turning around anyway. maybe they went to a bar or restaurant because it's going to be a long time, might as well wait it out. >> i'm sure some people tried to head south to the san mateo bridge, too. all right, joe vazquez -- >> reporter: and that's also jammed. >> i was going to say between going to get a look at traffic because it's snarling traffic on the city streets and affect the other bridges. kcbs traffic reporter sheryl raines has more on the backup. >> reporter: as of 4507 this afternoon, eastbound 80 at 4:50 all lanes re-opened on the lower deck of the bay bridge but traffic gridlocked out of san francisco not moving. we are getting so many calls even the embarcadero northbound jammed up battery street to the
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ballpark and northbound 101 still at a standstill from 280 to get on the lower deck. the 280 extension jammed up as well as the central freeway. >> all right. that was sheryl raines with kcbs traffic. as you can see over my shoulder, the traffic backup the -- evening commute as i said to joe is pretty much sunk. so we'll keep an eye on this. the lanes are open. it should get better. but we'll get you an update later. all because of the sand spilled on the bay bridge. the heat got turned up on a north bay pizza war. the pizza shop owner, who has already been targeted by people who want him out of the neighborhood, found graffiti on his shop this week. simon perez reports that the manager of a rival restaurant is one of the ones accused of doing it. simon. >> reporter: allen, the graffiti is actually pretty easy to see here. look at that black paint on top of the bright yellow facades of the pizza orgasmica in san rafael. it was apparently a drunken attempt of people from another
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pizza place to let pizza orgasmica that it wasn't welcome in the neighborhood. >> i'm here. very hard working person. you know? just trying to see something nice. >> reporter: pizza orgasmica owner takes the high road as he reviews what happened to his san rafael restaurant this morning. police say the manager of competitor extreme pizza just down the street and a former employee of extreme pizza spray- painted "go home" and dollar signs and loci on the front of the building. >> i think that's misspelled because i heard one of them was drunk. so maybe wanted like look here or whatever. so i have no idea what they tried to write. >> reporter: indeed, san rafael police say they arrested the accused drunken vandals one block away at sea hurst street as they were tossing rubber gloves and spray-paint cans into the garbage. more proof of inebriation? this trouble is on the restaurant next door says, no orgasmica. >> why they paint me? i don't know why they did it.
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>> reporter: pizza orgasmica has been in the news lately because of its bright colors. bright coloring is a hot topic in downtown san rafael. the lime green soul food restaurant even posts a complaining letter on its storefront. police investigators say don't know why the extreme pizza folks allegedly targeted the pizza orgasmica folks, but to customers the why doesn't matter. >> if anything, they are going to do the exact opposite of what they hope is that they are going to bring attention. for me it makes me want to give them business because i feel so bad they have to endure and deal with this. >> reporter: he said he expected the extreme pizza guys right away because a few years ago one of his restaurants in san francisco, some of those same guys tried to come in and steal his pizza dough recipe. as far as extreme pizza goes, they say they had nothing to do with this. this is not a company policy. it was just two guys really acting on their own. back to you. suspected arsonists made it a busy day for san francisco firefighters.
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this is just one of three fires that broke out all about the same time and all in the same area, which was the castro district. tonight, fire investigators say at least two of the fires are suspicious. linda yee with the latest. >> reporter: several fires at one time is considered unusual and firefighters say it does put a stress on their department's ability to cover other neighborhoods. worse yet, firefighters say it's their belief that a serial arsonist may be out there and if that's true, he or she is likely to do this again. three fires broke out within an hour just blocks apart in san francisco's castro district. the first one was in a dumpster, a second in an apartment building at 16th and market streets. firefighters say the top floor is gutted. seventeenpeople lost their
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homes. >> was sleeping, heard noise, there was a fire, got everybody out. getting the cats out. we couldn't find the one dog who lives in the house and we're spending a lot of time trying to find him. >> reporter: firefighters eventually found the dog hiding under a bed. the third blaze was at 17th and hartford across market. this one was empty because the owner was doing construction work. fire investigators believe they have a serial arsonist who will strike again. >> we're saying it could happen again. and -- >> reporter: why do you say that? >> because, you know, they are leaning towards these being intentionally set. >> reporter: what tells them that we have a serial arsonist here? >> well, i mean, if you look at proximity, you look at time, you look at that they were exterior fires. >> reporter: investigators say that the building fires both started on outside walls and happened within 30 minutes of each other. building owner brian kendall says he has some suspicions.
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>> disgruntled persons in the neighborhood. we have a lot of vagrants in the neighborhood. it has people trying to squat in my -- i have had people trying to squat in my building. >> reporter: he said this neighborhood is plagued with drug addicts. two days ago he had to chase away homeless camping out in front of his building. as dangerous as these fires were, no one was injured. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. a mysterious outbreak sickened dozens of bay area students. anne makovec shows it all happened during a field trip. >> germs can be really powerful. i'm amazed how something can travel through a camp that quickly. >> reporter: laura's daughter is one of dozen he was kids from three bay area schools who got sick to their stomachs during their stay at walker creek ranch. >> hold it together. get home, i'm so glad i'm home, throws up and goes to sleep. >> reporter: the ramp. was hosting a sleepover science camp part of the marin county office of education. the kids were supposed to be
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there for four days but it was cut shore. parents were called at 9 p.m. >> they were frantic. they wanted us to get her so we said fine we will. >> reporter: 44 fifth graders who attend school at redwood day school here in oakland were on the trip. classes cancelled for them here today and the school doesn't even yet know how many of them got sick. >> i think just a handful at first. and obviously, next 24 hours if it's a bug it will get a little better number on it. >> reporter: about 250 students total were at the camp. fifth and sixth graders from redwood school in oakland, san ramon elementary school in novato and tassajara hills elementary in danville. the camp is now closeed. >> there is no indication it was food-based and it was -- it seemed to start in the bobcat cabin so it may have been something that someone brought in and spread from there. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. it. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18
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years can stand trial. this afternoon, a superior court judge in el dorado county ruled that phillip garrido is mentally competent. the suspect's attorney had argued that garrido lacked the mental capacity to stand trial. garrido and his wife nancy are accused of kidnapping dugard back when she was 11 years old. they also face several sex charges. coming up, the chaos in cairo intensifies. protestors now targeting each other. why egypt's president says stepping down would only make things worse. she was the only one who survived a fatal fire. how one bay area community is coming together to help a young girl who lost everything. and it was a gamble, run in run out, almost got away with more than a million dollars in casino chips, until he made one mistake. ,,,,
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for more stories, visit cairo. journalists' and activists' lives are being threatened, as president hosni for a second straight day bloody battles have erupted in cairo. journalist and activist lives have been threatened as hosni mubarak's supporters are hurling rocks at other protestors. even with the violence and sporadic gunfire, both sides are standing their ground. >> we need justice. need to to punish those who committed the atrocities and
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crimes against humanity. >> mubarak said today, is he fed up but he is worried that if he resigns now, egypt will sink into further chaos. protestors have set tomorrow as a deadline for mubarak to leave. eight people have been killed in the past two days of protests. in san francisco a discovery inside a paper bag. a family cleaning their garage in potrero hill found six grenades this morning. police responding to the home on potrero avenue near 18th couldn't determine if they were the real thing. so they played it safe and called in bomb technicians, shut down streets in the area, too. >> from what we're understanding, the owner of a building was a 92-year-old man who passed away some time ago and the family was cleaning out the garage of all his personal effects. >> the bomb squad robot gathered those grenades to be taken away. no word still if they are real or not but police dogs sniffed the garage to make sure there were no other explosive devices. the streets were re-opened
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after two hours. caught stealing more than a million dollars worth of las vegas casino chips. the surprising connection the suspect has to the law. got a call saying there's been a mix-up. >> call it a grave mistake. what happened when one bay area family found out their parents were not in their final resting place. from the cbs 5 weather center, just take a good look at that. we have nothing but wall-to- wall sunshine outside. now we're spotting towards friday. the day this weekend that will be the warmest. we'll pinpoint that location as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,
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news. a dump truck and its sand spill is resulting in a affic nightmare on want to keep you up to date on this breaking news. the dump truck and a sand spill resulting in a traffic nightmare on and getting on the bay bridge. joe vazquez joining us again live with the latest. and i can see the cars moving behind you, joe. >> reporter: yeah, allen. for much of the afternoon, it's
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been a jam. more it's now like syrup. it's moving but slowly. take a look right back over here, jen mistrot one of our photographers is going to show you one of the entrance ramps to the bay bridge. it's barely moving. the problem is just a couple of hours ago, 2:15 this afternoon a big rig spilled 50 feet of sand near the treasure island exit. show from you chopper 5 here. that tied up traffic for much of the last three hours. all lanes are now back open. it is moving but slowly. i got to tell you, we're still seeing the same cars here, allen, so it will be delayed for some time. it is going to take folks a while to get home >> i was thinking it could have been worse. sand is fairly easy to clean up. another substance would have taken longer. >> reporter: exactly. >> all right. joe vazquez, thanks so much. well, at just 7 years old, she has already suffered three unimaginable heartbreak. she lost so much. she lost her mother, 3-year-old sister, her home.
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now as she searches for strength to go on, juliette goodrich is going to show us an east bay community rallying around little allison. juliette. >> reporter: absolutely, and it's those firefighters who arrived at that rescue that first night who are trying to help little allison. you know, she lost her mother and her sister in this fire. her father was in jail at the time. she has no family now. so the oakland fire department is reaching out to try to help her. and they are hoping the community will join them. teddy bears and little heartfelt mementos still line the front. this east oakland home where fire tragically ripped apart a family december 30th in the blink of an eye. a 7-year-old little girl allison survived. her mother, 3-year-old sister and neighbor didn't make it. >> a 7-year-old girl who had been pulled by the fire from one of the eventual victims was left alone in a strange land with only clothes on her back and emotional scars that will
5:18 pm
last a life life. >> reporter: firefighters, paramedics and social services gathered to announce a fund set up for allison by the group oakland firefighters random acts. >> i'd like to challenge everyone out there to help take care of allison here by donating to the allison fund. >> reporter: she is in a foster home. her identity is being protected for safety reasons. her father just out of jail wants custody. social services is looking into the best options which might include deporting the little girl to el salvador to live with her grandfather. >> our agency is currently looking at all places and options for her and our overriding overarching process is to make sure that whatever decision we make, it is in the best interests of allison. >> reporter: firefighters and paramedics who were first responders that fatal night say little allison has never left their minds. >> you keep moving and you remember that and the other
5:19 pm
girl is sitting in a police car scared, afraid, and you just -- you want to take her home and take her out of this. >> reporter: allen, these firefighters here in east oakland respond to so many calls. in fact, in the past 10 minutes, both trucks had to leave to respond to separate fires. however, they said in this particular call that involved allison it's really touched them and so many stations throughout east oakland and oakland. a lot of people are asking me, well, will this money go to the right hands? the oakland firefighters, social services and police department will make sure it goes to the right place. go to and click on news. >> juliette goodrich in oakland, thank you. time to get to the weather. i called a friend. mine who lives in chicago. i asked me friend, how are you doing? he said great, because i'm in san diego! >> great.
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it's notorious in chicago. they are at 11 degrees there. today we topped off at 62 degrees in san francisco up from the average high of 60 degrees. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera spanning the skies of the city by the bay where today we had highs that banked from 60 in napa and in concord, to 66 degrees in santa rosa. look at the evening light as the sun officially sets at 5:35. and the coast is clear. in fact, we'll have clear skies if you are out and about this evening this thursday evening, with temperatures into the 50s and into the 60s. it is currently 64 degrees in san jose. tonight will not be as cold as it was last night when we bottomed out at 29 degrees in santa rosa. 31 degrees in livermore. instead, numbers in the 30s and in the mid-40s. 41 degrees in san jose backing through willow glen. storm track still well to the north of the bay area. high pressure is only going to strengthen for friday all the way through the weekend offering a warmup and because of those mild to warm
5:21 pm
temperatures, the pollen report suggests that the pollen count continues to go up. blame it on the trees. we have stagnant air because of the offshore winds. so the pollutants are getting trapped close to the marin headlands. moderate air quality around the coast, central bay and northern portion of our district. getaway friday, 64 in sacramento. it's going to be the first friday this year in fresno with sunshine. heading to the high sierra, make sure you have the sunblock. temperatures into the 40s and no clouds. temperatures going up tomorrow. going with 70 in santa rosa to 67 in fremont. low 60s in pacifica. outside number 73. warming up over the weekend through monday, tuesday and into thursday. we have temperatures into the 70s. mypix was sent to us from annie in new york. she is stuck there. she lives in san jose and this is the public library. we thank you, annie and keep the photos coming to
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grieving at the graveyard... you probably want to know you're in the right place. more importantly... that your deceased family member is in the right place. on the consumerwatch, julie watts with one family's story of a m grieving at the graveyard you want to make sure you're in the right place as well as your deceased family members. julie watts has one family's story of a mix-up set in stone. >> reporter: for renee and her sister, visiting their parents' grave at the hills of eternity cemetery is a painful experience. >> very bad. >> reporter: but what makes it more difficult is the mistake on their parents' headstone.
5:25 pm
>> it's just wrong. it's just wrong. >> reporter: it's been wrong for more than a decade. but no one realized until recently. the problem? >> my dad is on this side. >> reporter: her father is buried on the right side of the double plot. but his inscription is on the left side of the stone. >> the most troubling for me is knowing that my mom was sitting here and me and my sister crying over this side and he was not even on this side. >> reporter: just as troubling was how the problem came to light. the sisters say the cemetery uncovered the mistake as it was preparing to bury their mother last summer in the double plot. >> we had no idea until the night before we buried my mother, i got a call from hills of eternity saying there's been a mix-up. >> reporter: so while the grieving family watched, the widow was buried on the left side of the double plot under her husband' inscription. so how could this all happen? well, neither the cemetery nor art and stone the company that made the monument would talk on
5:26 pm
camera. but each says the other should have caught the mistake and both say the saleen family bears some responsibility because the family approved the final design. >> we just figured they knew. i didn't know we were supposed to know what side they were on. i mean, i just didn't think that was our responsibility. and we thought that two reputable companies would at least talk to each other before they did it incorrectly. >> reporter: after consumerwatch got involved, the monument company and the cemetery agreed to split the cost of turning the stone and reengraving it so it accurately reflects who is buried where. it hasn't happened yet but we'll keep you posted and let you know when it does. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. it was no "oceans 11" put vegas cops say the guy who stole $1.5 million da seen no chips returned to the scene of the crime. security cameras at the bellagio caught the crime on december 14. that's the guy running out. witnesses say they saw him with
5:27 pm
the motorcycle helmet waving the gun at gamblers. that's when he grabbed the chips. well, late last night, police arrested anthony carleo at the casino at the bellagio. gets better. they say he tried to sell the high value chips to undercover cops. did i say it gets better? he should be familiar with the law. his father is a municipal judge in las vegas. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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o'clock: perhaps the most haunting images from a heartbreaking story. the search for a missing child that produced a string of i'm dana kin coming up at 6:00 perhaps the most haunting images of a heartbreaking story the search for a missing child that produced a string of abandoned cars pulled from the delta-mendota one right after the other. so what's going on there? and what does it mean four for our water supply? we'll look under the surface and how some emergency crews use that to their advantage. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. "cbs evening news with katie couric"


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